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One-on-One Evolution Coaching

I collaborate with you to identify the physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that you would like to address and customize a lifestyle program designed for your specific evolutionary needs. I then guide you through the juice cleanse process and accompanying emotional journey, taking you deeper into awareness and resolution of the issues that you’re looking to resolve.

The One-on-One program consists of Weekly 3-4 hour sessions with me designed to assist you in manifesting whatever it is you seek, through the use of these steps:

1) Comprehensive Life Assessment

We will examine your life from the standpoint of what works and what does not, comprehensively covering your Physical Health, Emotional Relationships, Career Activity, and Spiritual Enrichment. We will consult with whatever experts are appropriate in order to gain as much understanding and perspective as possible.

2) Envisioning and Goal-setting

We will assist and support you in envisioning the life you want to lead, helping you set the specific goals you need to achieve in order to bring that life to fruition.

3) Affirmation and Self Contract-drafting for Commitments

We will help you solidify your goals through the invaluable tool of Affirmations that clearly state to Yourself and the Universe that you are serious about your vision. And then we will cement your commitment in the form of a contract that you get into with none other than yourSelf in an act of the ultimate intention and accountability. The contract will document commitments in the following aspects of Your life:

5) Daily Trajectory Check-in’s and Recalibration

I’ll check in with you daily to see where you are at on your course, I’ll help make sure you are getting the most out of your Transformational efforts.

At Your Service

310 - 963 - 5332

About Me

Hi, I’m Tim Martin and I’m just like you. At one point in my life, I lost my commitment to health, and I let myself go. I was overweight, sluggish, over-worked, and emotionally burnt out. My diet included fast food (when you travel a lot for work, it’s hard!), and I drank too much beer and wine to relieve my emotional stress. The iZO Cleanse was born out of my struggle to get back to myself, my core, not only physically, but emotionally and Spiritually.

Once I had figured it all out, I had to share it with my friends, and eventually, everyone. I had no idea how big it was going to get. Since then I have led thousands of people on juice feast/superfood cleanses around the world. It has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

And now it’s about to get a whole lot deeper. I’ve developed a new system of personal Transformation that goes way beyond the physical cleanse and into mental, emotional and Spiritual terrain. Ask me about the Evolution Design program. Based on knowledge gained in the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology Masters program and from my own experiential research, it really works to help take you to the next level of your evolution!

But maybe you don’t want to go so deep at the moment. No problem, I get it. Alternatively, you might be interested in me connecting you with the best and brightest physical trainers, private chefs, body workers, energy healers, the list goes on. I’ve been around the LA alternative health scene for over 8 years so I know quality when I see it.

And of course, you can always just use me for my cleanse. ;-) The iZO Cleanse www.izocleanse.com is still the best possible way to kickstart a healthier life all around.

Whatever level you want to engage me on, I feel blessed to have this opportunity to serve you and your health.

- Tim